It’s all happening…

So, it’s official. We’re moving into an Airstream.

That’s right. We are completely uprooting our lives, throwing all of our most treasured belongings into a storage unit, getting rid of all those that didn’t make the cut, and hitting the road for the next year to take in all that North America has to offer.

In sharing this news with friends and family, we have received a wide variety of reactions: “Moving into a what?” to “WHY?” to “Won’t you guys get sick of each other?” to “Ugh, I’m so jealous!”

The purpose of these next few posts will be to address each of these reactions as candidly and as thoroughly as possible. But first, a little bit of background on us.

Duke and I met one fateful evening in December of 2013 at a music festival in Mexico. We were both there to see our favorite band, Umphrey’s McGee, and in sharing this information with each other, we instantly hit it off. After a few blurry days of jokes by the pool, live music, and really late nights, we became pals. He was planning on coming to Denver for New Years, which is where I was living, so we kept in touch. He wound up staying with me the entire time he was there, only going to his hotel room to shower and change clothes. Needless to say, we enjoyed each other’s company.

Duke was living in the Lake Tahoe area at the time, and no more than 8 days after he had left Denver, I was on a plane to go visit him. Eight short months later, I had convinced him to move to Denver and live with me. Duke is in the music industry and his work requires him to be on the road for several months out of the year so we figured it wouldn’t be much different than him living in another state, so we dove in headfirst.

Fast forward three years and here we are, about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of our lives. Just Duke and myself, our dog Paisley, our Airstream and Ford F150, Darth Schminuss (we’ll explain that one later), and the open road. We couldn’t be more excited.


Yes, we had an impromptu photoshoot with Darth the day we bought him.

The What

Airstream, brain child of Wally Byam, is an American luxury travel trailer company that has been around since the 1920s. I can almost guarantee the majority of you have seen one of these iconic aluminum-bodied trailers at least once in your lifetime. Whether it be at a campsite, getting towed down the highway, or converted into a mobile pizza stand parked curbside outside of your favorite brewery, these things are easily recognizable.

They have several models to choose from and they range from a very compact 16’ in length to a large and luxurious 33’. We decided to go with something more in the middle of that range. We will be living in this thing for at least the next year so we had a lot of options to mull over before we came to our final decision.

Image result for airstream basecamp

Photo Credit:

Admittedly, my first instinct was to go for the smallest (cheapest) and most bare bones option, the Basecamp (shown above). It is lightweight enough to be towed behind a Subaru (which I had at the time this whole idea was conceived), so it was really appealing to us at first. Thankfully, there was an Airstream dealer just outside of Denver, so we were able to go check it out in person.

The Basecamp is fully equipped with all of the necessities, such as a kitchen sporting a two burner stove, sink, mini fridge, and optional microwave in addition to a full bathroom! While quite spacious, it just wasn’t something we could see ourselves living in for an extended period of time. We viewed several other models and even spoke with a sales rep at the dealership who encouraged us to go for the Flying Cloud 19’ model because it had a larger fresh water tank and separate black and grey water tanks. We initially went against his suggestion and thought we would be fine in the 19’ Sport model, which was a cheaper option than the Flying Cloud. I still think we could live quite comfortably in a 19’ trailer but after a lot of research, we have settled upon finding a used Flying Cloud 25FB, a 25’ trailer.

Image result for airstream flying cloud 25




There are several reasons we decided to go with a Flying Cloud 25FB rather than the slightly smaller 23FB or even the Sport 22. But I won’t bore you with the details. We will be making the purchase

The Why

I mean, really? Why not?! We don’t have children, Duke has a job that doesn’t tie him to any one place, I am still a bit lost when it comes to knowing what I want to be when I grow up. We know we didn’t want to stay where we were but we have no idea where we want to put down roots next! This is a soul-searching process for us both and we are lucky enough to have the means to do it!

Duke and I have absolutely beat this idea to death, analyzing from all angles, and though we know this adventure won’t be without its failures, without its disasters, and without a few “Why the hell are we doing this?” moments, we also know that it will be the adventure of a lifetime. It will be an experience that will bring this weird little family of ours closer than we could have ever imagined. And really, what more could you ask for? Happiness and love and jokes, all in a double axle Coors Light can. Now, we just want to share our experiences, both good and bad, with anyone that is willing to listen (er, well, read)!

We will address the “Won’t you guys get sick of each other?” and “Ugh, I’m so jealous!” portions at a later date because I have a feeling these will both involve some hilarious stories down the road.

3 thoughts on “It’s all happening…

  1. Sounds like fun, I will be following the adventure. Stu and i purchased a VW Rialta (20′) about 1 year ago but haven’t headed out in it for any length of time as of yet. If you are in SoCal we are still in OB Look us up. Happy Trails!


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