Why Travel?

Greetings from half way around the world! I’m currently on a month long adventure so I thought I’d write a little something about it.

Dusty streets of Kathmandu

Why travel?

Well, in all honestly, I haven’t done even remotely as much travelling as Duke has. I have only been to 15 countries in my lifetime (I know, that’s not that bad but most were with my parents when I was younger and all in the Caribbean.) I always knew I wanted to travel more on my own but I have never really had the opportunity to do so. At least not the way I wanted to do things.

I’m currently writing this from the courtyard garden of my hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been traveling with Bridgette, a good friend of mine, for the last 17 days throughout India and now Nepal. We have enjoyed beautiful vistas, great food, subsequent food poisoning, lost 10 lbs, gained as much in experience, bartered with shop vendors, endured bumpy bus rides, been sweatier than I ever knew possible from doing nothing more than simply existing, and learned to appreciate the simple things like the fact that our bathroom came with a squeegee for the floor. We have smelled horrible things, met people we will remain friends with for the rest of our lives, fed our leftover food to dogs and cows, given our snacks to children who needed them a lot more than we do, learned about several different religions, been ripped off, and fallen in love with each and every place we’ve been.

Bridgette taking some pictures at the Hanuman Temple

HUGE bull at Hanuman temple in Jaipur

Little girls on their way home from school in Kathmandu

It is these reasons why I think it is so important to travel. There’s something to be said about doing things that put you outside of your comfort zone. You learn to appreciate what you have on a whole new level and it has helped me realize that material possessions are truly just “stuff.” It’s the memories and experiences you have that are the most important.

It’s wild how different the standard of living is in different parts of the world but one thing I’ve noticed above the rest is the power of love and family because when you don’t even have a pot to piss in (that’s a phrase my dad taught me), family and love will always bring you joy and that’s what life is really about, right?

Our Punjabi friends Dilpreet Singh and Amrinder Singh that we met in Udaipur

Tomorrow we are going whitewater rafting on the Trisuli River followed by a 3 or 4 day trek out of Pokhara. Looking forward to spending some time out of the city. The quiet will be wonderful 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why Travel?

    • Thank you! Nepal has been incredible and I absolutely cannot wait to come back and explore more of this country! We start our trek to Poon Hill tomorrow and are really looking forward to getting out of the city for a bit and experiencing some real rural Nepalese culture.

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