Change is hard for some people, and we’ve made a big change. Moving from an 1800 square foot home in Denver, CO to a 200 square foot Airstream would be unfathomable for most. Fortunately for me, moving into a camper full time won’t be much of a change from my work life.


Traveling is what I do for a living. Well, that, and audio engineering. At least half the year I live on a 52’ Prevost Tour Bus with up to 11 other people. Personal space is almost non-existent outside of my beautiful 6.5’ x 3.5’ coffin of a bunk. Living on a tour bus with 11 other stinky people is a bit of a challenge sometimes, but by now, I’m quite used to it. You learn to be small and stay out of people’s way, which I pull off quite well for being 6’1”.

Sharing a whole 25’ Airstream with just Caitlin and Paisley Dog has me feeling like I have a damn mansion at my disposal. That combined with the endless space that is mother nature should make this journey quite enjoyable.

DSC_1197Caitlin and I have both been traveling the last month, separately. She was in India with a friend, and I had a work trip in Europe (I LOVE SPAIN, I’ll be sure to elaborate on this later). We both got back to the states on the same day & went right to our friends at Bob Thomas Camper Sales in Wentzville, MO to pick up our new home. The transition has been easier than I expected. Of course we’ve already had some, “Why did we do this?” moments, but the, “Holy shit, this is awesome!” moments have outweighed the former.

Even Paisley seems to be having more fun than we anticipated! YAY DOGGO!! We are beyond excited to be living the nomad life.


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