Camping Solo


Duke’s side stage office

The reality of mine and Duke’s relationship is that we spend a lot of time apart. His job has him on the road for at least 6 months out of the year and honestly, I think that might be part of why we are so happy as a couple. I love my me-time. It allows me to do all of the things that I want to do and not have to worry about someone else. I know that sounds incredibly selfish. It is, really. But it just works for us.

Anyway, what this all means is that I will be spending a lot of this adventure alone. Well, not completely. I’ll have Paisley for companionship, and she’s an excellent guard dog. Anyone that knows her will tell you she can be a little scary at first but once she gets to know you, she’s a big baby.

Caitlin and Paisley (1 of 1)

Up until a few weeks ago, my biggest concern was having to hitch and unhitch the trailer myself, DRIVE the damn thing, maneuver it at gas stations and campgrounds and do all of the other things involved with living in a camper.

Not anymore! A few weeks ago, I was happily reading along on the Airstream Addicts page on Facebook and stumbled upon a lovely picture from a fellow female Addict proudly showing her lovely campsite setup that she had done herself because her husband wanted to do a trial run prior to going out on her own this summer. The majority of the comments on this photo were exactly along the lines of what I was thinking… “You go girl!” and “Man, that campfire is PERFECT!”… I continue to read the comments and there it was…

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.49.32 PM

Really?! Does this REALLY have to be a thing?! Like, I get it, there’s some creeps and weirdos out there but really?! First of all, alcohol free? That sounds boring. Second… stay alert? Duh! I hardly sleep when we have the windows open because I’m HYPER alert. Any rustle gets my attention! 

Why is it that the biggest fear for a couple or even just a single male camping is theft or some sort of crazy animal encounter but when it’s a solo woman, they must stay free of alcohol and always be alert because society has made women out to be the weaker sex. Because we can’t fend for ourselves. Yeah, right.

Oh yeah, and the person who made this comment? Is a male. Every single one of the 20-some comments from women were all empowering and supportive. There were even several comments from men that took a similar tone to all of the other comments from those of the same sex as the original poster!

Clearly, I was flustered by this man’s comment. And while It’s never a bad idea for anyone, male or female, to protect themselves in some way (no, this is not advocating possession of a firearm for purposes other than hunting), I do find it infuriating that women are expected to live a life of fear and that the societal standard is still that women are only safe in the company of men.

SmileyCakes (1 of 1)

Maybe it’s the feminist in me but I can guarantee you that while I’m terrified of most insects and you most certainly won’t see me entering a dark and unfamiliar room without some sort of light, anyone that dare try and encroach on mine and Paisley’s space uninvited would find themselves regretting it immediately.

I apologize for the rant but this is reality. 

Next time, I will share some of my POSITIVE experiences solo-Airstreaming like how I officially had to back ol Schminuss into a tight spot for the first time! Thank goodness for friendly and helpful neighbors. Shoutout to the Canadian couple across the way at my campsite!

darth (1 of 1)

I backed into this!

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