Well hello!

I’m Caitlin and this will be my portion of the blog. If you read my bio, you probably noticed that I have way too many interests and next to no focus. I’m sure this section of the blog will be a perfect representation of that.

We started this blog because we wanted to share the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of fulltime life in a camper trailer but it’s going to wind up being so much more than that.

Not only do I plan to share the things we have learned while living on the road fulltime, but I also plan to share recipes adapted and simplified to be prepared in a relatively unequipped kitchen, full-body workouts that can be done literally anywhere with next to no equipment, traveling with a dog, favorite hikes, parks, campgrounds, etc…, dorky mycology and botany stuff and probably much, much more!

Please feel free to reach out with any requests, suggestions, questions or concerns by clicking on the Contact Us tab!

We’re so looking forward to sharing our experiences with you!


2 thoughts on “Caitlin

    • Thanks Renee, that’s our goal! We want to inspire others to take the leaps and enjoy an alternative lifestyle. I totally understand that’s not doable for everyone but I’m almost certain that if anyone really put their mind to it, they could pull it off!


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